Design & sell with us

Giving makers and creative minds a route from idea to physical products and happy customers is what Form & Glory is all about. Whether your product is ready and selling or you're still in the early ideas stage, here are the two main ways to join our team.

Design with us

  1. Your idea, your design.
  2. We then make and sell your print to order.
  3. And finally, any money made after manufacturing and other costs is split between us and you.

Sell with us

  1. We'll take your existing product, using all of your text, images and options, and add your products to our collection of items.
  2. Every sale that you make will see us take a small commission, with the rest of the profits being passed on to you.
  3. We'll then send all of the order details for you to look after and ship out as normal, and once the order is confirmed, we'll let the customer know when to expect delivery.


When you become part of our collective you're still free to play the field and sell your products independently and through other suppliers – we want to see you grow and be recognised for your craft so we believe in giving you the freedom you need to showcase your work.